A Place to Share My Favorites

I love cooking. I love the experience of playing around with new ingredients, the smells that suddenly appear from everywhere, and of course, the delicious outcome (I suppose I should also include stealing tastes while I cook and having that all-important chef’s wine glass – Big Carl* – by my side). This is a place for me to share my favorite recipes, my favorite tips, and whatever else pops up. Why?

  1. I spent a few (exhausting) weekends learning how to make macaroons, and although I found a lot of great tips across existing food blogs, there wasn’t really one that encompassed all of them. Every time someone asked me what they needed to know about making those little deviley treats, a ten minute conversation ensued. No longer – I will now share them all here.
  2. Cooking is all about learning something new. Like the title of this blog – Tant Pour Tant – it was completely new to me until I entered the world of the French Macaron. (It basically means a mixture of equal amounts.)  Learning is fun – and I will share what I learn here.
  3. I’ve found a few really great bloggers that I love to grab recipes from, but sometimes recipes seem to just disappear from their site. In order to make sure the best recipes are kept up, I will share them here.
  4. I love cooking but not taking photos of cooking (it’s exhausting), so this is a place where I’ll share yummy recipes that I cook, and the tips and tricks that go with them. Not too much about me, just the good stuff. If you need visual help, I recommend YouTube, it’s great for how-tos!

Let’s get drinking cooking! Grab your Big Carl and let’s get going.



*Big Carl is a reference to Cougar Town – a highly recommended show.

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