I can’t believe I forgot the honey butter.

All that talk in my last post about biscuits and honey butter…and I forgot to even mention the honey butter. There are two options. 1. The lazy way. and 2. The slightly more involved but double delicious way. I recommend the second. Now of course you can just spread some butter and drizzle some honey on the biscuit but it’s not the same. I promise.

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 3.37.48 PM

1. The Lazy Way. When you’re cooking the biscuits, leave some butter on the counter until it’s about room temperature. When the biscuits are fresh out of the oven, add in some honey and stir until you’ve got a nice little mixture. Then feel free to drizzle, scrape, spread, etc. your lazy honey butter on those biscuits. This works well if you’re forgetful (guilty) or if you just want a small bit.  I’d go for a ratio of about two (butter) to one (honey) or maybe an even ratio if you love honey. It’s up to your taste buds and you can always add as you stir.

2. The Official Way. Start with the same ingredients – about 1/2 cup room temp butter and 1/4 honey. Using a hand mixer (or a Kitchenaid if it’s handy) whip up the butter until it’s fluffy. Keep whipping and then drizzle in the honey. Taste and adjust as needed – this is not an exact science! Voila, whipped heaven. Some people like to chill it for a bit before they use it, but I think it’s best right out of the bowl.


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