Planning to Cook This Weekend? Try Out This Tool and Thank Me Later

I have recently been using Evernote and their Food app while cooking…and it is amazing. Life changing ( know, kind of). If you haven’t used evernote, it’s a great tool for clipping things such as websites, links, pictures, etc. from the web. You can organize articles, photos, recipes, or whatever through a variety of apps. Their best app is their Food app. It takes any recipe you post in Evernote and automatically throws it into “Your Cookbook.” It’s searchable, it only keeps the good stuff (no more ads or random sidebars), and it works offline. With the proliferation of recipes and blogs online, I’ve spent a lot of time printing and trying to organize recipes off the web – but I usually lose like half of them in the process. This has made my online recipe usage soooo much easier. Here’s a bit from their blog:


Explore Recipes
Explore Recipes is your starting point. Here, you swipe through tens of thousands of recipes from dozens of the best food blogs and websites. Tap on any recipe that strikes your fancy to load the blog right inside the app. If it’s the dish you want, then tap on the scissors to clip the recipe into your Evernote account along with any tags or notes that you’d like to add.

If you’re not in the browsing mood, then search through all the recipes. You can search by dish, ingredients and even by blog name. On iPad, tap on the magnifying glass and type in your search. The results will include any matching blog post and any items from your own account. It’s never been easier to find exactly what you’re craving.

My Cookbook: A Recipe Collector’s Best Friend

If you’ve been using Evernote to store your recipes, then My Cookbook will blow you away. Every recipe you clip using Evernote Food is displayed right alongside all of the food you’ve ever saved to Evernote using a desktop Web Clipper. Just swipe or search to find what you’re looking for.

Create Your Own Recipes
To make the My Recipes section work, Evernote analyzes the text of each note in your account to identify the ones that are recipes (no special tags or notebooks necessary), while filtering out your travel itineraries and work projects. A really cool side benefit of this process is that you can now author recipes and Evernote Food will recognize them and magically display them next to everything you’ve clipped.Your Shopping Buddy
Everything you do in Evernote Food is always in sync across your devices thanks to Evernote, which means that you can plan out a big dinner using Evernote Food on your iPad, then grab your iPhone and head to the store. Launch the app on your iPhone and use all the recipes as your shopping lists. Everything you need is in one place.Your Cooking Companion
Once you’re back from the store, launch Evernote Food, set it on your counter and cook along with the recipe. We love using the app on an iPad or iPad Mini for this. Be sure to take photos and captions in the app as the dish comes together.
There’s a ton of other stuff you can do, but the above is the most helpful for me. Here’s the full link.It’s seriously magical. Have you tried it out? Are you going to try it out? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments!

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