Bon Appetit’s New Cooking App

I have become a huge nerd for digital cooking tools (you can read all about my love for Evernote here), but I’ve always been pretty underwhelmed by what the current food giants are doing in mobile. Most “digital versions” of cooking magazines are a bit clunky, difficult to browse through, or just a poor copy of the paper version. But oh no..not anymore. Bon Appetit recently released a brand new version of their mobile magazine, and it is awesome. Now I work in digital advertising, so I’m not just saying this. They really thought through how a chef in their kitchen would want to interact with their app, and they’ve implemented those ideas into a shiny new app that works with your subscription.

If you are a subscriber to Bon Appetit and you have an iPhone/iPad/iPad Mini (sorry Android/Nook users..I’m not sure how it works on your device), I highly recommend giving it a try. The best part by far is the recipe layout that they offer. It’s made for step-by-step cooking with your iPad, which means it is written in a larger font (hooray), moves step-by-step, and has a really great layout for mobile.

Recipes get their one pages are posted with beautiful shots of the finished product:

Bon Appetit App


Once you click through, you get the standard view of the recipe:


And when you select the “step-by-step” option on the bottom, you get the mobile-friendly version:


There are still a few things that are a bit off (like you have to make sure your fingers are clean every time you swipe), but it’s really a huge step in creating mobile-friendly content that actually works. They also have a ton of great mobile tricks up their sleeve, a great example of which can be seen on one of the product pages. When you land on the page it’s full of beautiful product shots:

image_3And when you click on the red + button, product details pop up. It’s a great way to keep the page from getting too cluttered, but still give you information you need.




They’ve really done a great job including fun mobile actions like clicks and swipes, integrating recipes in a way that is actually useful, and sticking with the same great photography and recipes that made us fall in love with the print magazine. Bravo Bon Appetit!

Some more great screenshots can be found on this review from Minkwell here.


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