The best ice cream scoop ever

We don’t eat a ton of ice cream – I’m lactose intolerant (although that doesn’t stop me) – so ice cream often sits around in our fridge for a while. And it tends to get pretty solid after a short stint in the back of the freezer. I’ve never been a big connoisseur of ice cream scoops, but I received this one when we got married, and I am constantly amazed at how well it works. I’ll pull a rock-solid pint of ice cream out of the freezer, and this digs right in with wayyy less force than you would expect. It glides right on in and gives you a nice scoop of Cookie Dough (or whatever your favorite is) ice cream. I’m guessing the magic is in the shape, because there’s no weird “antifreeze” inside it and I don’t heat it up before I use it.  In reality, I’m fine just thinking it’s magic. Magic that I love. And magic that’s pretty cheap. If you’re looking for a good scoop for all that yummy summer ice cream, this is a great tool to grab.

best ice cream scoop ever


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